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Secure GSM Phone-Secure GSM Network Secure GSM Phone
Secure GSM Phone has been designed to provide end-to-end secure communication across the GSM network.
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Spy Phone-Top secure Virtual Private Network solution Spy Phone
Spy Phone is a reliable and top-secure virtual private network solution.The spy phone-call interceptor is the ultimate in surveillance technology.
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Satellite Jammer (VSM-KC04)
The basic principle is to use an integrated sub-system, which can jam the downlink signals at the antenna end of the VSAT stations, Power of jamming signals can be adjusted up to 3dB (or more) higher than the received signal strength at VSAT antenna feed. The system is capable of providing enough flux density to effectively jam VSATís up to the distance of 15 kms. The proposed system hardware is capable of jamming up to 4 frequencies with one set up.
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